KHARDUNG LA- A Timeless Souvenir

The exhilaration to overpower  Khardung La on Royal Enfield(RE) had been inculcated in our psyche since  one month and the day finally was the 6th of August 2016. Such was the euphoria that it has become a red letter day for all of us. With all exhilaration and jubilation we started our day from 7 AM amidst a bright sunny Morning. The search for bike rental was the first thing on the cards which was supposed to be arranged in the previous day but our fatigue had roiled our plan. As the bike rentals had not opened by that time, we went to the German Bakery for breakfast. After waiting for one more hour we could arranged 4 bikes one 350CC RE one 500 CC RE and 2 avengers .As we were 7 in the group, one of our friend  could not come with us due to unavoidable situation.. I took the 500 CC RE and rode first time on a busy morning Leh road with all the bike safety gears intact. Rs 1100 per RE per day and Rs 1000 Per avenger was the deal and we immediately went to the nearest petrol pump to …

First Day At Leh

It was a rather comfortable morning than previous days when we woke up by 5 A.M. Today we woke up by 7 A.M thanks to the tiring 385 Km hectic journey from Keylong to Leh. We had planned for a bike ride to Nubra ,since two of my friends succumbed to AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) we have to change our plan .We planned for a complete rest to acclimatize with the high altitude. As Oxygen at high altitude is very less we found difficulty in breathing and decided not to go further high but to spend our day on the same altitude with 6 point sightseeing. We stayed at KHAN MANZIL GUST HOUSE  and lucky enough to have a generous person as Mr. Basheer. He guided us what to do and what not to do. Yesterday we had arranged a vehicle for 7 person with the help of Mr Basheer. By 8.30 we all were ready and started by 8.45 A.M. I clicked few snaps and started our journey. The driver Mr. Kadir took us to German Bakery to have a breakfast. Suddenly I realized i left my camera bag on the bonnet …

Bali-One from my Bucket

It was a Brouhaha at the picturesque sight of the vigorous Tanah Lot temple  with the stark blue sea at the backdrop romancing with the dazzling morning sun here at Bali. Everyone were exulted at the bewitching   fusion of land and sea which was no less than the best painting ever seen by mankind. The frothy vociferous tides hitting the calm iron willed black rocks inside the sea  was no less  than the most  delighting  picture that human can ever imagine. Welcome to the place which has made Bali famous in the map of the world tourism- The Tanah Lot (PURA TANAH LOT)
Spread across a vast area with lush green background supported by the ancient sculptures and wall craving was a shot in the arm making the place vivid and vivacious. We started from our hotel by 8 AM amidst the rain pouring like cats and dogs  with our driver Mr Negrahand with his Toyota SUV .In fact the parking lot in front of the hotel was flooded with the on going heavy rainfall. We were afraid we could visit anyplace an…

One Fine Day At Bali

A different place, different people, different culture and a different cuisine. Welcome to Bali, the land of ancient temples .By 7.30 AM we got a call from the driver while we were having breakfast in a cozy Wina Holidays Restaurant. We had arranged one cab from the nearest travel agent (B.B Tours) to visit all the important and famous places that we have seen on the internet. We are supposed to visit 6 to 7 places at different locations throughout the Bali Island. Bali is lot different from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. It was more or less like India with quite less disciplined traffic and not so generous people. We all were in the Restaurant for the breakfast. Unlike in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, We could not find any Indian at the restaurant , not even Chinese. Only white skinned Europeans and the red skinned Australians could be found all over the restaurant. I took egg omelette with bread along with fruits and all the English breakfast items to get myself filled , others too reluc…